Lami Flow


Brand new high strength, lightweight 7150-T7 alloy chain ring with innovative aero technology. To reduce weight, chain rings are often hollowed to reduce weight and maintain the structural integrity to transfer pedalling force. These hollowed out sections cause vast air friction and drag while pedalling. Lami Flow rings are the Ridea’s latest chain ring design that incorporates aerodynamic attributes to reduce the turbulence created by chain ring. This creates a Laminar-Flow that reduces air friction while keeping the light weight and stiffness of the chain ring structure. Single speed/Track only

  • Material 7150-T7 Aluminium
  • Lochkreisdurchmesser 144
  • Zähne 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52
  • Gewicht 80 bis 95g
  • Farbe schwarz