The Tutto is Cinelli’s latest, most detailed and sophisticated urban track bike ever. As the name implies it has been designed to do everything a rider might want to do on a track bike in a 21st century megacity. Thanks to its wealth of subtle, obsessive, design details the Tutto is able to effortlessly morph from messenger work bike with front racks to crit racer to single speed cyclo cross machine to indestructible belt-drive commuter according to the desires of its rider. The Tutto’s geometry reflects its hybrid functionality: true track angles but with clearance sufficient for larger tyres, as does its proprietary segmented TIG-welded fork which improves rigidity as well as the aggressive street-ready aesthetic of the bike.

  • Rahmentyp Diamant
  • Rahmen Columbus Cromor
  • Gabel Columbus Cromor
  • Laufradgröße 622 mm
  • Steuersatz EC 34/28,6 | EC 34/30 (nicht enthalten)
  • Innenlager BSA
  • Bereifung bis 35 mm
  • Bremsen Cantilever/V-Brake Sockel
  • Sattelstütze 27,2 mm
  • kommt mit Belt system opening, Front rack inserts
  • Grössen S (52), M (54), L (56), XL (59)
  • Gewicht 2.950 g
  • Farbe not gray